What's our filosophy?

A simple design for your site is both for you and the visitors of your site pleasant. For us it's easier to change and maintain your site. For you it brings down the price. For your visitor it speeds up downloadingtime.


Many people do think everybody has a broadband connection these days. The truth is different a lot of people still enter the internet with a simple 56k telephonemodem. These people don't like the long downloadtime of f.e. "Flash" and will, because these pages download very slowly, leave your site. The meaning of your site is not to contribute to the glory of the designer. Offcourse designers like to show their abbilities but for you this works negative. It means long downloadtimes, complicated codes and high development - and maintainingcosts.

Hovi makes it simple!

As far as possible we develop a simple HTML code for your site, giving your visitors as much information as possible without pressing the connection with heavy codes. In a simple but good design we bring your company  the visitors it deserves.

No spam!

To protect you from spammail we can develope contactforms in the scriptinglanguage PHP. PHP scripts are run on the server (that is if your provider supports it). Since the server sends the mail to the adress you supplied, your adress remains hidden from the visitor. A major source of spam is blocked this way. A good example is the contactform on our site. Nowhere you will find the e-mailadress we use. If your provider doesn't support PHP we can put your forms, for a reasonable price, on our server.